Automatic Generation of Fantasy Role-playing Modules

Daniel Ashlock and Cameron McGuinness
Submitted to CIG 2014

Abstract PDF eprint

Fantasy role playing games are a type of pencil-and-paper game in which a group of players, moderatedby a referee, engage in cooperative story telling. This study leverages earlier level map generation technology to substantially automate the production of modules for fantasy role playing games. A goblin outpost is used as an example type of module for demonstrating the system. Advantages of the system include being able to produce a large number of different but tactically similar adventure modules with substantial control of content and feel by the designer. In addition to presenting a modified version of the map generator, the system presented in this study also automatically identifies rooms, abstracts the room adjacency relation, and populates the rooms with monsters, traps, and treasure. A example module, complete except for moster descriptions, is presented demonstrating proof of concept. Multiple maps for the goblin outpost are presented for contrast and a number of future directions for improvement are outlined.