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Jack Weiner's Friday Specials

Copyright Ontario Association for Mathematics Education and Jack Weiner Reproduced here by permission and reproducible for classroom use.
  1. How to get an A in math.(December 2003)
  2. Math card trick.(March 2004).
  3. Penny Saver(June 2004).
  4. Confidence interval madness(September 2004).
  5. Fill blackboard with real math(December 2004).
  6. BEDMAS and the skill testing question(March 2005).
  7. Misleading traffic sign(June 2005).
  8. Testing 300,000 per year!(September 2005).
  9. Gas at 14 cents per litre!(December 2005).
  10. Media messess with geography(March 2006).
  11. When math experts can't do math(June 2006).
  12. The deviant mediant(September 2006).
  13. Fruit Loops(December 2006).
  14. How do you solve for X?(March 2007).
  15. Don't get ripped off! Do the math!(June 2007).
Friday specials (mass download): Part I- Part II- All
WARNING: these are big files.

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