Ashlock Lab Group Meeting Paper Stash

Winter 2016
March 1

Paper: Partitioning Regression with Function Stacks

Talk: GP intro+partitioning regression

Fall 2015


Sept. 17(Dan)
Assembly independent functional annotation of short-read data using SOFA: Short-ORF Functional Annotation and
FragGeneScan-Plus for scalable high-throughput short-read open reading frame prediction
Sept 24(Wendy)
Asymmetric Unwrapping of Nucleosomes under Tension Directed by DNA Local Flexibility.
Oct 1(Dan/Laura)
Evolvable Fashion-based Cellular Automata for Generating Cavern Systems. Click here for slides.
Oct 22(Justin)
RNA-Seq: a revolutionary tool for transcriptomics.
Oct 29(Dan)
A Linear Genetic Programming Language for Evolving Fractals.
Nov 12(Dan)
A Comparison of Incremental Community Assembly with Evolutionary Community Selection
Nov 26(Jeremy G.)
Jeremy's QE Proposal
Dec 3(Cameron.)
Cameron's Doctoral Thesis