IEEE 2013 Conference on
Computational Intelligence in Games

Conference Proceedings are now available.

August 11-13, Niagara Falls, Canada
Americana Conference Resort and Hotel


  • Learning in games
  • Co-evolution in games
  • Neural network approaches for games
  • Fuzzy logic approaches for games
  • Player/opponent modeling in games
  • Computational and artificial intelligence based game design
  • Multi-agent and multi-strategy learning
  • Applications of game theory
  • Computational intelligence for player affective modeling
  • Intelligent interactive narrative
  • Imperfect information and non-deterministic games
  • Player satisfaction and experience in games
  • Theoretical or empirical analysis of CI techniques for games

  • Computational intelligence for non-player characters in games
  • Comparative studies and game-based benchmarking
  • Computational intelligence based digital design assistants
  • Automatic creation of modules or game levels
  • Computational and artificial intelligence in:
    • Video games
    • Board and card games
    • Economic or mathematical games
    • Serious games
    • Augmented and mixed-reality games
    • Games for mobile platforms

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Organizing Committee

General Chair: Dan Ashlock, University of Guelph
Technical Chairs: Julian Togelius, IT University of Copenhagen
Graham Kendall,University of Nottingham
Competitions Chair: Philip Hingston, Edith Cowan University
Finance Chair: Wendy Ashlock, York University
Proceedings Chair: Joseph Brown, University of Guelph
Tutorial Chair: Clare Bates Congdon, University of Southern Maine

Contact: Dan Ashlock, dashlock(at)uoguelph(dot)ca